{Review} Canagan British grain-free dog food

The Wonder Hound is in jubilant mood: despite being ridiculously far down the pecking order she received a large parcel a couple of weeks ago from her favourite delivery man. The Parcel Force man that delivers to our house is a Jack Russell owner and adores our specimen too. So not only did she get a good fondle behind the ears but she also got an absurdly large bag of dog food.

Canagan grain free dog food review

Canagan- from the Celtic word for wolf- dog food is engineered to be closer to the diet dogs would have had way back in history. Much like us, it seems that dog diets have been hit by bulky grains which are harder for them to digest as well as bulking out the food- something which results in the need for larger portions.

Generally Nugget goes nuts when you open a new bag of dog food, as she did this time, but what has surprised me is how she eschews all other food in favour of this one: we have a different brand at the Beach House and she just pushed it round the bowl when I gave it to her after her introduction to Canagan.

Canagan In a Nutshell

  • Closer to their ancestral diet
  • Grain Free
  • High Meat Content
  • Over 60% Nutritious Animal Ingredients
  • Contains sweet potato, more digestible than grains with a low GI (Glycaemic Index) for a slower release of energy
  • Highly palatable – dogs absolutely love the taste!
  • Free of artificial colourings and flavourings
  • Preserved naturally
  • Free of dairy, genetically modified ingredients and growth hormones
  • Is proudly made in Great Britain
  • Contains a host of botanicals with a wide range of therapeutic properties

It’s hard to tell with a rough-coated Jack Russell if their coat is any glossier, so I’ll have to take that on faith but I have noticed that our hyper dog has been more settled since she switched to Canagan. Perhaps the use of sweet potato rather than grain is having a positive effect on her?

All I know is that

  1. she loves it
  2. it’s British-made and that makes me very happy
  3. I’ll be buying it again

*disclosure: we were sent a bag of Canagan dog food by Pets Corner for the purposes of this review. I have received no payment and my opinions are honest and unbiased.


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