{Review} WeightWatchers Food

So last week I got my nails done.

They looked utterly beautiful for all off one evening and then they went back to looking chipped and euw.

But whilst I was waiting for them to dry, I got to spend time chatting to some fabulous people whilst sampling LOTS of delicious food and wine. It was only as proceedings were drawing to a close that I remembered that I was at a Weight Watchers event.

Weight Watchers food review

That’s clearly how easy it is to absorb Weight Watchers into your life now. And Chanelle should know: she lost a staggering 6st and is now a Weight Watchers leader. Skinny Doll has likewise done a phenomenal job. She is also a wonderfully funny person and you should totally follow her. Go on, I’ll wait.

Miss Weight Watchers is a demon at Just Dance on the Wii and she knows a ridiculous amount about WW food and recipes. Check out her YouTube channel for inspiration and information about Weight Watchers New Approach.

I also met Mummy Rates It, Slice of Slim and Fab after Fifty and generally totally forgot that I was, y’know, tasting calorie-controlled food. Can I tell you about the tasty chilli that, I am sure, contained chocolate? And the lovely creamy sundaes served in shot glasses, which proves that you don’t need to have a large portion of pudding to be satisfied? And the really tasty rose wine which slipped down so easily that I *may* have stumbled as I left the building to head out to the theatre with DH? Yum.

*Disclosure: I was invited to sample Weight Watchers food at the event and was provided with a goodie bag of samples, and a manicure. Opinions are my own.



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