Pipecleaner doll in a tin travel toy

We do quite a bit of travelling now that we have discovered Home Exchanges. Naturally this requires the packing of some toys, and toys can take up a fair amount of valuable packing space, so of course I have a board on Pinterest specifically for travel toy ideas.

One that caught my eye was this tiny mouse in a tin at Oh Sweet Babies. Now, of course, whilst I appreciate the patience and love that went into the original, I wasn’t about to set to with a teeny tiny needle and thread, so when I took part in a craft hangout recently, I had the idea to use pipe-cleaner people instead.

pipecleaner doll in a tin

I followed Red Ted’s instructions and had pipe-cleaner people within minutes. What took the time was figuring out how to make a pipe-cleaner teddy.

Essentially, you follow the same instructions as for the pipe-cleaner people. Instead of using a bead- although you could, of course- you fold a tiny heart shape in the middle of your (brown) pipe-cleaner. This will give you two poking out ears. Then just continue as instructed creating and twisting to make the arms and legs. Any excess can be folded back on itself to give fatter legs.

Then I cut scraps of fabric to make the bed: a bit of fake fur for a matress, a felt pillow and a striped sweater blanket. By cutting them all with pinking shears I got away with not sewing any of the seams.

Finally I decorated the lids of my thrifted tobacco boxes with scrap paper and the names of each girl.

Pipecleaner doll in a tin travel toy




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