20 great Valentine’s Card ideas and {how to} print Valentine’s cards with styrofoam

After the success of our Christmas card printing, LBG suggested that we used the same technique to make Valentine’s Cards. She will draw a heart on pretty much anything, so this is a great outlet for her talents.

How to print Valentine's cards using styrofoam take-away boxes

One of my greatest triumphs as a parent has been to teach her how to draw hearts. In the first weeks of term she came home in deep despair because her friends could draw hearts and she couldn’t. So we took some time to look at how the heart was made up of shapes she already knew from letter work: a V and a B that was on its side. I showed her that if she drew a V, then the B on top, she could make a heart. Within 10 minutes she was confidently drawing them by herself, and now, when I see her draw them, it’s one fluid motion, practised and accomplished.

So she drew some hearts on our takeaway boxes, and followed the same technique we used for the Christmas cards.

Printed Heart Valentine Cards

Pretty, though I say so myself. She’s a crafty one that daughter of mine. In the nicest possible way, of course.

And in case you needed more inspiration, I have collated a whole bunch of great ideas for making Valentine’s cards, for every age and skill level.


Crayon resist cards from Mom to 2 Posh Divas

Simple Valentine’s Cards at Artful Kids

Toddler Valentines cards from Play Dr Mom

Krokotak has some fabulous Heart Envelope Cards

Michele Made Me opened a Valentine’s Card Factory

Puddle Painted Hearts from Makes and Takes

More Toddler Valentine’s from Red Ted Art

Potato stamps were used by Homemade Serenity

Pretty knitted hearts feature at The Sitting Tree

Last year we made Cork printed Valentine cards 

Try the Yarn Heart Cards from Parents.com

Colour your own hearts at A Mom With a Lesson Plan

Celery stamping at Homemade Serenity

Sewed heart cards made by Pink and Green Mama

Urban Comfort used Cupcake Liners for their cards

Crafty Crow made such pretty dotty Valentine’s

Doily cards are the chosen style at Delphine Ephemera

Doyenne of crafts, Red Ted Art made handprint Valentine’s

Try the Stained Glass Window cards at Creative Family

Or fold some Origami Hearts like Paper Kawaii


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