Christmas cross-stitch lanterns from recycled jars

So, you take a few old jam jars and make sure they are squeaky clean.

Once dry, tape the image you want to copy onto the inside of the jar with the image facing outwards. I planned on printing off cross-stitch patterns to make my life easier but the printer wasn’t working, so I had to wing it a bit.

Use Sharpie Markers to make your design onto the jar. Once done, bake in the oven at 150 for 10 minutes or so to set the markers.

Then add nightlights and enjoy.

 cross stitch sharpie jar lanterns


  1. Michelle twin mum says

    Wow, just sat & read through loads of your posts, you are so very clever. Hope you are having a wonderful break. Mich x

    • Domestic Goddesque says

      You bake them I think because Sharpies aren’t permanent on enamel/glass surface Valerie. At least that’s the information I’ve seen around. Then I could put them in the dishwasher….the 150 is C.


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