366 Week 48


Sunday: we drove out to Sevenoaks for a superb lunch at The White Hart. Shortly thereafter we cut short a walk at Knoll Park when the Wonder Hound disgraced herself. That’s all I have to say about that.

Monday: with LBG back to school, Dimples and I had to ‘get stuff done’ which went surprisingly well. I’ve given up pretending I do anything other than fall asleep at the Girls’ bedtime, so my days are truncated.

Tuesday: with both girls at school, I had a chance to ‘do stuff’ for the blog: in this case baking, making and taking pictures, finishing costumes for the Nativity and generally keeping busy. My Girls came home from school happily though tired and we enjoyed snuggles and a picnic tea, then Daddy came home just as I had them settled (a familiar story to many, I suspect) and whisked them away to his office to do ‘secret’ things.

Wednesday: my birthday. I awoke in my bed with two small children and no husband- a sign of the bedroom tennis we both seem to play at the moment. But everyone bundled in to sing happy birthday and give me presents. We ate- as is custom- chocolate before breakfast and sang happy birthday and then went to school. At which point I cancelled my planned lunch and went back to bed with a migraine. Once collected, The Girls enjoyed cake with their supper and Dimples treated me to an epic tanty at bedtime before she fell asleep exhausted. I remember the same thing with LBG- we thought she was long done with the Terrible Two’s but seemed to ‘regress’ just before her third birthday’. I look forward to enduring the next few weeks.

Thursday: I finally succeeded in collecting LBG’s new shirts and treated myself to a new pair of winter boots, then came home for lunch with my DH who worked from home. Then Granny came with me to collect The Girls and she and Uncle Adam manned the fort whilst I went into London to have supper with friends and go to the Patrick Mavros Christmas Party. It’s so annoying when you pitch up to Victoria Station and realise that you have fallen into the train-less gap that lasts from 25-minutes-past to 52-minutes-past. Especially when it’s this cold.

Friday: I awoke with no voice. Laryngitis gets me every winter, and I’ve no doubt that others enjoy it but it does complicate my life. I bought a bike rack for our newly purchased bikes and buggy, as instructed by DH, so that they could be transported to the Beach House. Except we couldn’t make head or tail of the instructions and were unable to set off that evening.

Saturday: very cold start to the day at 6am. It took DH the best part of the morning to fix the bike rack issue- which involved him driving to Catford and back and somehow included the purchase of two bikes for our Girls. I have no doubt it had something to do with our youngest child, who has ways of getting Daddy to bend to her will. Unsurprisingly, and despite the bitter wind, we were straight out on the bikes (and buggy-attachment) and cycling along the seafront before dark, at DH’s behest. But he made up for it by treating us to tea at our favourite cafe and a Barbie DVD, which we all watched whilst he put the children’s new bikes together.


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