Charity shop pinboard and the best tip ever for hanging pictures

I went to the hairdresser’s last week and whilst walking up the road, I saw the most perfect pinboard in the window of a Charity shop there. I dashed in and procured it for the bargain price of 50p! To say I was happy was an understatement.

charity shop find

I confess that my liking the board has nothing to do with the look, which feels a little 80’s chintz, but the functionality. I made a pin-board from an old art frame a while ago, which was featured on Red Ted Art, and which I love. And I needed one just like it for the kitchen, to sit next to the calendar and hold all the crucial date-related papers, like birthday invitations and notes from school or the dentists. I was going to get around to making one but, frankly, I couldn’t make it for 50p. And that is just one of the reasons I love Charity shops.

The other reason that the board works so well is it’s size: it’s petite and particularly narrow, which suits me really well. The calendar hangs on a narrow wall, which I presume once held a door frame since it is the way from the kitchen to the Breakfast Room (yes, I am pretentious, but this was the name that the room was given on the house details, and it kind of stuck in a *snigger*-we’re-so-grown-up-we-own-a-house-with-a-Breakfast-Room-way.) It’s a brilliant place for the calendar to sit, since I couldn’t use the wall for anything else, and since I pass it all the time and can see everything at a glance. So all I needed to do was hang the board opposite the calendar and I have an almost-perfect Centre of Operations!

top tip for hanging pictures

The pinboard conveniently had two hanging hooks (what’s the technical term for those anyways?) on the reverse side, and brought to mind the most brilliant hanging tip I saw a while ago on It’s Overflowing. I used a piece of electrical tape to measure from the centre of one hook to the centre of the second hook then, using a spirit level, I placed the tape on the wall at the right height.

hang pictures tip

I simply hammered the nails in at each end of the tape and- miracle of miracles- hung the board without any issues at all. Best tip ever, don’t you think???

how to hang pictures easily

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    • Domestic Goddesque says

      It’s a very pretentious Breakfast Room Liz. In reality it’s a dining room.

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