Spring Wreath Tutorial

It’s Spring and the birthday wreath has finally gone from my front door, for a short while at least. But I am in mourning for it. So I made a festive replacement, as it didn’t feel appropriate to be putting up The Easter Bunny Wreath just yet.

Last week, when I was in Paperchase, I saw these dear napkins with felt hen confetti sitting next to it. So whilst the Dimpled Assassin, who was under the weather, tried to sleep off her bug, LBG and I got busy crafting. Here’s how we made our Spring Wreath.

Spring wreath from napkins

I didn’t have any polystyrene wreath forms to hand, or their more green equivalents, so had to make our own. I cut a square of wadding larger than the wire wreath form I was using, then from the centre, cut diagonally outwards until I reached the inner edge of the wreath. I tucked the resulting triangles under the far edge of the wreath, thus hooking the wadding to the wreath.

wrap the wire form in wadding

Once that was done, I tucked the outer wadding edges inward and bound the entire thing in a spring-like yellow crepe paper.

wrap the wreath in crepe paper

Next I got my glamorous assistant to fold the napkins in half, with the cut edges making a point.

fold napkins in half

These we secured on the rear of the wreath with sticky tape. We did this most of the way round the wreath, when we ran out of napkins.

secure napkins to wreath with sticky tape

Then she stuck on lots and lots of hens.

stick on hens

Then I dolled it up a bit with some curling ribbon and hung it on the front door. LBG sang ‘Spring is here’ from that well-known episode of Charlie and Lola (when she gets the hiccups.)

spring napkin wreath

Quality Mamma-Daughter time and a pretty wreath for the front door. I really am a 1950’s housewife.


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