Project 366 Week 9

choosing DVDs

Project 366 Week Nine, Sunday: a tough decision.

Balancing on walls

Project 366 Week Nine, Monday: a balancing act.


Blowing out the candles

Project 366 Week Nine, Tuesday: Blowing out the candles.


curry night

Project 366 Week Nine, Wednesday: special delivery.


World Book Day 2012

Project 366 Week nine, Thursday: Spot the Dog. World Book Day 2012.


feeding the ducks at Kelsey Park

Project 366 Week Nine, Friday: feeding the ducks.


Walking Daddy. The Glades, Bromley

Project 366 Week Nine, Saturday: walking the Daddy.


There was a big change in the weather at some point on Saturday night; though the sun shone it was a lot colder on the beach than on Saturday, which was undoubtedly why the Beach Cafe was doing a roaring trade in Hot Chocolate the day after it sold out of ice-creams. The sea was freakishly flat. Lake-like. My Girls didn’t mind though- they were too busy jumping in the puddles left behind as the tide went out. We all needed a nap when we got back to The Beach House. Despite that, we managed to get out and about promptly on Monday morning, heading to our regular dancing session at the very popular Boppin Tots and lunch with friends who have been enjoying the South African sun for the last month.

Tuesday brought Granny’s Big Birthday, so I spent the morning planning and decorating and baking. The builders, who were roofing DH’s Man-Cave were a bit disappointed to learn that the chocolate cake I was spray-painting was not for them. But in the event, everything went smoothly: Mum opened her main present in front of all her children, children-in-law and grand-children, with the aid of Skype, and a good time was had by all.

On Wednesday there was more cake: I took cake to a Mothers’ Coffee Morning, Dimples had birthday cake at nursery and LBG shared the leftover cakes I brought with me from the coffee morning with her Daddy. Then she astounded us by reading her book out loud by herself. She brought home her first ever reading book from school on Tuesday, read it repeatedly and assumed that she would get a new one to bring home with her on Wednesday. DH, who was on collection duty, was instructed to ask the teachers for a new one when her book bag was found to have ‘the old book’ still inside. We are just so delighted that she is so eager to read. I won’t deny that there was a tear in my eye when she was actually reading the words.

Unsurprising then, after all the excitement that by Thursday we were all flagging a bit. The Girls were suddenly reluctant to wear their costumes to school for World Book Day. I kept myself busy making Welsh Dragons with a dozen pre-schoolers whilst they were at school and then we went for tea at the recently-returned friends’ house. Sadly I left with two sobbing children, exhausted from their week. It was clearly all too much for me because I fell asleep putting them to bed.

So on Friday, whilst Daddy worked from home, we had a relaxed morning at home and a trip to the park in the afternoon. LBG reveled in her new-found scooter skills whilst Dimples was in heaven dog-spotting and feeding the ducks. There was no trip to the Beach House this weekend, so we headed into Bromley once the rain stopped and had a big slice of cake. DH made cherry crumble with The Girls and later, whilst he served it up, I snuck out of the house for a night of shots and karaoke to celebrate a friend’s 40th birthday. It’s not often that I go out on nights like that and I enjoyed every second, which is not to say i wasn’t happy to come home and kiss my Girls, who had fallen asleep in the same bed.
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