How to make Shamrock Plant Markers


how to make shamrock plant marker

These shamrocks are really are easy to make, especially if you have a heart cutter still kicking around from Valentine’s Day. Just cut your hearts from green card (use a template if you don’t have a cutter), then take three of them and arrange in a shamrock shape. Secure to a coffee stirrer, or lollipop stick.

You can leave it at that, or you could go wild, as The Girls did, with stickers. They never miss an opportunity to use a sticker.

When we ran out of coffee stirrers (I shall have to go back to Starbucks to restock) we stuck the remaining shamrocks onto paper plates, decorated with yet more stickers. We also had a set of letter stamps so I used them to add the text. And now we have a simple sign to put on the door for St Patrick’s Day.


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    I don’t have a heart cutter, but my kids learned how to cut out hearts from folded paper last month. This also looks like a fun opportunity for them to use their glitter glue! Oh my do they love glitter glue! : ) I will need this craft over the weekend I bet with all the rainy weather we are having!


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