BritMums Carnival: all things Spring!

Roll up! Roll up! Get your BritMums Carnival here. It’s all about Spring, laydees and gen’lemen, at least in feory. So don’t delay, pull up a chair and read all about it!

Brit Mums Carnival hosted here

Hurry! Hurry! Here are the highlights:

Cute and fluffy? Check out these spring animals:

There’s a dear little arrival at Coombe Mill

The ever-creative Red Ted Art has some super chickens for juggling that are easy to make

Muddling Along Mummy agonizes over what to call her chickens (not a euphemism)


The latest food reviews and recipes:

The Good Life talks about the moment when her boys made her supper (the tablecloth has apples on it.)

Only Best for Baby shows off a pastry-free quiche (perfect for spring picnics)

Actually Mummy posts a great recipe for Sunday morning baking: Apple and Gingerbread Muffins


The Philosophy section has something for us all to ponder:

Jenography talks doggy bags: are they the New Big Thing?

And Rays of Light ponders whether a cuppa tea solves everything

Kate on Thin Ice never fails to find the positive in everything and has a Spring in her step

Write on Mum gets swept away daydreaming



Baby Budgeting gives tips on planning for a Christening or Naming Day

And over at Live Otherwise, there is a brand new life


Spring means a Spring Clean:

Yummy Mummy shares her top five tips for on ironing for busy women

The Real Supermum shows you the way to give a mean clean


Thrifty corner has some top features:

Me and My Shadow show you how to make easy seed-bomb homemade gifts

Or how about making a bear from a glove. The weather should warm up now so you won’t need them! Snugglebubby shows you how.

Make do Mum re-makes like a Womble



Great beginners tips from Tales From the Village

And Carrots and Kids gets her kids digging for Victory


Don’t forget Easter:

Grace and Me is all about giving up swearing for Lent

Spring and Easter are a time of hope after a long winter: Anecdotes of a Manic Mum writes a heart-rending post on hope and the continued need for it in her life.


And finally:

In A Bun Dance puts yogic bras through their paces, and Mommy has a headache has a great lesson in how to keep your children quiet on a long Easter car journey.


The next Carnival will be hosted at Working London Mummy on  20 March  2012  . Please email entries to [email protected].


Go on! You know you want to tell me what you think!