Acriflex burns treatment

A while ago Me and My Shadow wrote about a burns treatment product that she had been sent, lamenting that she’d had to wait a while to try it. I left a comment about never needing to wait long in our house and the very nice PR people asked me if I’d like some to try too. No less than 48 hours after it arrived I did myself significant damage with a glue gun, which goes to show that a) I wasn’t lying when I said you  didn’t have to wait long for me to injure myself and b) I should never use a glue gun whilst trying to watch George Clarke.

acriflex burn treatment review

Ouchy blister

It was a proper ouchy-instant-blister-type burn, so I immediately applied the skin cooling gel (I am the person who believes that elves hide inside vending machines, so don’t care to know about the science behind such things, but you can follow the link), which reminded me of the gunk they put on your tummy when you have a scan. It went all watery and icy cold and did take the sting out. I used it repeatedly and within 36 hours the blister was pain-free and no-longer-a-blister. Cue the Acriflex cream, just to cover my bases and a few days later I am right as rain. Ready to burn myself again.


Acriflex is available from all good chemists.  The cooling gel is suitable for adults and children from 6 months old, but of course, you should always seek medical advice for serious injuries or burns.

*disclosure: I was sent this product free of charge to try and with no obligation to write a review. But I wanted to because it made my ouch go away.

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