Magpie Monday & charity shopping: pretty things bought for a good cause

I confess that this has been one of those weeks that strikes periodically: the kind of week that passes you by. And it’s not because you’ve done nothing, but because you have been trying to do too much, worrying about the things that aren’t getting done, and before you know it, you haven’t done anything to the best of your ability. Throw in a low period in the neverending cycle that is PND, which leaves you fighting to motivate yourself, nevermind anyone else, to get out of bed, and you’ll find yourself (or rather your husband will find you) staring blankly at a screen 20 minutes after you said you were going to bed. I have been without inspiration or desire, and yet I have kept going: smiling, laughing, doing laundry, changing nappies, cooking supper. Life doesn’t pause just because I want it to, sadly.

This was the week that:

  • a very good friend gave birth to a much longed-for baby
  • PD started Kindergarten at the Prep School she will attend until she is 11
  • I lost 3lbs
  • I planted out fruit and vegetables I have grown from seed (the significance of which can be noted inside the house where we only have one houseplant. I am a plant murderer. Thus far I have failed spectacularly to keep anything other than my children alive.)
  • DH has been snowed under with work, so I’ve been a sole-parent. A lot.
  • Dimples cut her latest tooth. And woke me every night.
  • I made the biggest birthday cake ever for twin Godlings and the two other sets of twins they were having a joint party with. 6kg of cake mixture. I kid you not.
  • Oh, and then lost several half-written articles in a child-vomit-on-the-laptop incident.

To assure that you aren’t left feeling a sense of utter despair on a Monday morning, let me share with you the joy of second-hand shopping via the medium that is Magpie Monday. First up, an idea I totally stole from Lizzie, creator and Master of Magpies: a £1 decanter filled with bubble bath. Genius.

Then there’s a simply brilliant array of play hats that I have scooped in the last few weeks for our ever-increasing Dressing Up Box. The total cost of these hats is £6.50.

So good am I at the hat thing that, when I needed a hat for DH for our Royal Wedding Party (Dress Code: Hats) I scooped this wonderful boater for £5 and a £1 patriotically striped tie, threw in a random button and whipped up a beautifully festive creation.

But my absolute favourite bargain is my summer sunhat, a mere £9 and a perfect fit for my abnormally large head. It’s a very good quality summer hat, with a 1980-style bow on the back. I imagine it’s seen quite a few Garden Parties. Maybe it even went to Henley to offset a fabulous drop-waisted Laura Ashley dress. I adore it.

If you have any second-hand (whether Charity shop, Car Boot Sale or EBay) scoops to share, then join in the Link Love at Me and My Shadow.

Me and My Shadow


  1. says

    I would say you accomplished an amazing bit this week.
    We never had much of a dress up box (having only 1 boy and no cousins until much later) but we did have our fair share of helmets and cowboy hats.

  2. says

    Great finds, I’m on the look out for dressing up box items for my daughter, have tonnes of boy hats and costumes in my loft, perhaps I should sell them if there is a demand out there?!

  3. says

    Oooh, I had a week like that last week, I know exactly how you feel. I don’t know how I can go from being a fairly energetic busy person one week, to someone who crawls into bed at 9pm the next week, unable to even think about doing the list of chores that are mounting. Being a woman and a mum I suppose.
    Anyhow, heres to this week..
    I love the bottle and bubble bath idea, I think I might try and find one for my children’s bath..might have to be plastic rather than glass though.

  4. says

    Blimey you’re quick of the mark lovely!

    Loving the bubble bath decanter – well I would wouldn’t I?! I got another this week which I plan to fill with cheap smellies and make it look wildly expensive :0)

    Adore the hats – although I reckon you could do a great Village People impression with that lot.

    I desperately want a dressing up box. For DD I mean. Oh ok, for me.


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