I could write a sonnet about your Easter Bonnet….

According to PD’s Easter Countdown there are 6 days until the Easter bunny comes, so it was high time we got busy with a LOT of glue and half of the world’s supply of sparkle to decorate our Easter Bonnets. Whilst the girls got busy, I had to find something to occupy myself so that I was too busy to interfere help. Fortunately there was a packet of polystyrene eggs in the bottom of the Easter craft bag Granny had kindly given us and, with a little grown-up glue and some foam sheets, I created some Easter Chicks.

I squooshed the eggs a bit between thumb and forefinger to create a flatter surface to stick things to.

Next I cut out two triangles for the beak, a pair of feet and a bit for the top of the head from orange foam, and a pair of wings from white (which looks grey in the pictures).

Once all these pieces were stuck firmly (I used all purpose glue before reading that, as it is solvent based, it shouldn’t be used on polystyrene so had to start again with the glue gun!) just add some eyes.

Once they were all dry, PD stuck some to her bonnet as well. It’s certainly chick-tastic.

Dimples went for a simpler style that had more to do with me limiting her access to materials than anything else. I let her go mad with the glue, then with the shredded paper. Then I put her in the bath to get all the paper and glue off and stuck the eggs on later once she was asleep! It’s a fabulous nest though. I’m entering them both in The Works’ Easter Bonnet Competition. We could win £100 to spend on goodies in store.

Oh, and mine? I just happened to have a couple of bags of Mini Mini-eggs hanging around. For future reference, hot glue melts chocolate. D’oh! For more Easter Egg  Inspiration, there are some fabulous suggestions at Stephanie-Lynn’s blog.



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