How to make a Rabbit Wreath for Easter

I have been meaning to join in Magpie Monday at Me and My Shadow for the longest time since I am a regular raider of charity shops and love going to Boot Fairs. I keep forgetting to take photos which would make for an incredibly dull post. And then last week I was inspired by a bargain children’s coat, which today was reincarnated, or ‘upcycled’ into a fabulous Rabbit Wreath to hang on our door for Easter. I am deeply proud of myself so I will brook no criticism.

You will need:

about 1/2 metre of fabric, plus a contrast colour

a polystyrene wreath

some corrugated card

some buttons

a glue gun



First, you need to use your glue gun to cover your wreath in the primary fabric: obviously I used the fur from the coat, but you could use felt, or fleece. If you do use fur I’d strongly recommend wearing an apron, or some sort of covering. At the very least, change out of your black trousers, before you start. I learnt the hard way.

The second step is to make the ears. Cut out two ear shapes in your primary fabric, and two in your secondary fabric. For each ear, lay the primary fabric right side down, with the secondary fabric right side up, on top. Fold the primary fabric over and in on top to create a hem and pin in place all the way round the edge.  Zigzag stitch roughly round the ear. I did this twice for security but I was using fur and therefore it was hard to see. If you want a neater look, use a straight stitch.


Once your ear has been stitched, fold the bottom two edges of the ear towards the centre and stitch across the ear several times to hold in place. Then do the other one. Using the glue gun, fix each ear to the rear of the wreath near the top so that they both peep out. Mine were too floppy so I cut a small slit in the rear of the ear (above the stitching at the base) and pushed in a bendy straw, then sealed the hole with the glue gun. The straw supported the ear so that it stood upright. You could also use florist’s wire, or perhaps a metal coat hanger. I used the straws because they were to hand.


Take a small break to pick up children from nursery.

Cut out a pair of feet shapes from the corrugated card (mine was torn from a pushchair box: I have a few.) I aimed for a horse-shoe shape with a flat top. Lay these flat onto your fabric and cut around leaving a 2cm excess. Glue the cardboard to the fabric, then secure the rest of the fabric to the back of the card. Turn over. Cut paw shapes from your secondary fabric with pinking shears (to prevent fraying) and glue into place. Then glue the feet into place.



I used a couple of butttons I had lying around for eyes and glued them into place. I also added a wire hook, hidden behind the wreath, for hanging my bunny.

Easter Bunny Wreath

It’s love, people. I may have to keep Bertie (for that is what I have named him) on display all year round.


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