The Memory Project #52Changes

Memory Book Project #52Changes

I have decided to embark on a project ahead of my 39th birthday which I have called #52Changes. One of the items on my list of 52 is to read #52books, and one of those has been The Memory Book by Rowan Coleman. Essentially a story about families and the loss of memories, the eponymous book forms the central part of the story and it is the idea of a Memory Book which has stayed with me long after I passed the book onto my mother to read. The … [Read more...]

The chic alternative to Afternoon Tea, Millennium-style

Knightsbridge Dim Sum Afternoon Tea

If you want an alternative to the sweet-treat-and-cucumber-sandwiches afternoon tea that we Britons hold so close in our hearts, then make your way to Millennium Hotel Knightsbridge next time you are in London for the chic alternative to Afternoon Tea. For on Sloane Street, between the hallowed six floors of Peter Jones and the iconic floors of Harrods, lies an unexpected afternoon treat: Dim Sum afternoon tea. And it really does hit … [Read more...]

10 Reasons you should try Home Swapping

10 reasons you should try Home Swapping

I was recently interviewed by Mums Do Travel talking about our experience with Home Exchanges. It's something I get asked about a lot because of all the photos I post on instagram, but never seem to write about. So I thought I would share with you 10 reasons you should try Home Swapping.   1. Cost: er, hello, free accommodation! What's not to love about that? Given that accommodation is one of the greatest costs of a holiday, the … [Read more...]

January Stationery

Paperways desk planner review #stationerywednesday

I'm undoubtedly showing my age, or my fondness for Radio 2, but since I wrote the words January and Stationery, I keep humming this Barbara Dickson song. Which has no relevance at all. January arrives with a burst of enthusiasm and a determination to "organise my life". Which is why I change the goal posts and switched my beginning of year from January to September. My Quo Vadis diary is working brilliantly, on the kitchen table. But my … [Read more...]

Imposing Age Restrictions

imposing age restrictions on your children

Periodically I get boxed into a corner by my children. (Don't look at me like that, it happens to the best of us, you know.) It's all to do with imposing age restrictions. They ask me when they will be old enough to do something and I randomly pluck an age from the air, an age that seems aeons hence, and make a sweeping declaration: "You can have a pet when you are 7." "You can wear nail varnish when you are 6." "You can use the blender when … [Read more...]

The Art of the Brick London exhibition

Art of the Brick One Direction Lego

The Art of the Brick London exhibition has been extended to April 12th 2015 due to popular demand. I confess I had heard nothing about it but DH was very excited when he booked tickets for us all- due in part to the fact that we would be taking The Girls to his old stomping ground around Brick Lane in London. Housed at the Old Truman Brewery, one of CNN's Top Ten Must See Global Exhibitions features sculptures created by former lawyer Nathan … [Read more...]

48 Hours in Edinburgh with children

48 hours in Edinburgh with children

Packing for Christmas is always challenging. But we were lucky with the weather when we went to Scotland last month. If you are heading North of the Border soon, here are some things you could do if you have 48 Hours in Edinburgh with children. A quick hour or so from Gatwick, you barely have time to enjoy the proffered complimentary crisps-or-cookies with your on-board beverage, before The Girls want to know why their ears are popping. It … [Read more...]