7 Ways to Win- Tips for working with Brands

7 ways to win tips for working with brands

Whilst at BritMums Live 2015, I was restricted to room one by the awesome power that comes with being a room moderator. But I still got to attend some of the weekend's best sessions from one of the best seats in the house. Also, they gave me a microphone. One such session was Brands and Blogging, featuring Britmums' founders Jen and Susanna, Jugglemum Nadine, Marianne from Mari's World and Clare Candler, Head of Packaged Goods and Marketing to … [Read more...]

Cost free Utility Room Makeover

Cost Free Utility Room Laundry Room Makeover

Sometimes the simple changes can be the ones that have the biggest impact. It's true that you can achieve a makeover on even a very small budget but this one cost nothing at all, and whilst I know that not everyone has a Utility Room, the changes that I made would work in any kitchen too. Our Utility Room is a small narrow room just off the kitchen. It has sliding door because it wouldn't be deep enough for a door to open into it. It is … [Read more...]

5 brilliant books written by bloggers

5 brilliant books written by bloggers

There is a symbiosis that exists between the world of blogging and the world of actual writing. There are many of us for whom blogging began as a way of honing writing skills, the next step on a path towards writing the book we've thought about writing for years. And there are many bloggers for whom writing a book has been a bi-product of writing a blog. For some bloggers, the dream of publication has become a reality and I am far more excited … [Read more...]

Fridge Makeover with HP Instant Ink #HPFreeYourPics

fridgebook #HPfreeyourpics fridge makeover

When we first moved into The Cottage we had an integrated fridge. It was neatly tucked away out of sight, which was good from a cleaning perspective, but it meant we had nowhere to stick precious photographs, art works and aides-memoires that display the life of a young family. Last summer, the fridge that came with the house gave up working and rather than replace it with the same style, we bought a large family-sized fridge which in turn … [Read more...]

Coming Up Roses, the Bloggy Book Tour.

Coming Up Roses blog tour banner

I honestly don't think that there is a greater benefit of blogging than watching someone you admire and interact with online all the time achieve their ambition of having a book published. Rachael Lucas's brilliant first novel Sealed With A Kiss was so well received that she got a publishing deal and her second novel, Coming Up Roses, is now available for purchases through e-retailers as well as all good book stores. In the lead up to the … [Read more...]

Homemade Two Ingredient Tortilla

Homemade Two Ingredient Tortilla recipe

Years ago when I discovered two ingredient dough balls, I couldn't have imagined that I would keep Natural Yogurt perpetually available in the fridge for making pizza dough at very short notice. The recipe has adjusted over the years with the addition of some lovely olive oil and seasoning but the dough made from self-raising flour and yogurt is as simple and versatile as you want it to be when you have last-minute playdates to cater for. And … [Read more...]

Not just for boys- Football Mum of the Year.

mcdonalds football mum of the year Petts Wood Fc

My girls see football as a boy sport. They know so many boys who are football crazy: they play football at football clubs in school, games at weekends and knock-arounds in break time. But it never occurs to The Girls to join in. So when we were given the opportunity to meet an actual female football player I jumped at the chance to show them that football is not just for boys. We drove to local Petts Wood FC to meet Casey Stoney, one half … [Read more...]